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Budgeting Apps That Really Work!

With 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to get on top of those New Year’s Resolutions! If you want to take charge of your finances and make some major changes in 2017, you might consider using a free budgeting app. These apps make budgeting simple and straight forward, and if you struggle with making a budget on your own this might be the answer!



Mint is a great budget app that takes the stress out of making a budget. Simply connect the Mint app to your preferred bank, and the app will use that information to help create a personalized budget.

Since identity theft and fraud are a major concern when using free apps, rest assured that your account information and data is secure when using Mint. This clever app is protected by the same security as banks, TurboTax and Quicken.

Mint uses push notifications to alert you to unusual charges as well as providing helpful tips tailored to your spending that can help you save money on fees and on other bills.

Mint has compatible apps for iPhone, iPad and Android so you can see your budget anywhere on any device!



Mvelopes is another budgeting app to help you get a handle on your finances. Link your bank account to this, it is digital envelope budget method app that can help you stay on track.

Mvelopes allows you to easily pay bills, manage your budget and plan your savings from your iPhone or Android. This app also has a feature to log your receipts, helping you track  your spending in real-time. See your budget as it changes throughout the day.

Mvelopes can be used on iPhone and Android phones, and Mvelopes has tablet apps for iPad and Android that provide more detailed views for that bigger planning. Mvelopes is free to install and use, however the app does offer a $95 a year premium option as well as a money coach option.



Wally is an expense tracker for individuals. It allows you to track daily expenses for your personal budget.

The Wally app lets you log your expenses through either manual entry, or by snapping a photo of your receipt. If you enable location services the app can identify where you are and save you a step when logging an expense.

You will be notified when bills are due, when you hit a savings goal among other things. Wally can adapt to your habits and goals to help you get there.

Wally is free and is available for iPhone and Android.

Level Money


Level Money helps you make a solid and realistic budget by showing you what you can spend daily, weekly and monthly.

The Level Money app determines your income and expenses and uses that information to show you what money you can spend. The app can also help you figure out how to budget for big-ticket purchases or, more importantly, pay down debt.

Like most budget apps, you can connect Level Money to most major banks. The app provides a stress free way to manage goals for spending and saving, and includes a planning component to help you achieve these goals.

Level Money is free on iPhone and Android.



Unsplurge is an iPhone only budget app that can help you create a budget to save up for a specific expense.

When you are saving up for a goal like a holiday, a vehicle, or better yet- to pay off your debts, Unsplurge can make saving more manageable.

Like most budgeting apps, you can log your progress, which is helpful in achieving your goals. You can also get support from the Unsplurge community and learn how to stick to your goal.

Unsplurge is a free iPhone app.



 PocketGuard budget app also connects to your bank accounts so that you can keep tabs on your recent transactions and account balance.  The home screen shows you how much money is in your pocket now, your income and how much you’ve spent. The app can use this data to pinpoint recurring payments that you’ll need to plan for and since the app identifies your income, you  can have an accurate idea of your cash flow.

Pocketguard has charts that demonstrate where you spend money, and categorizes these expenses for you. This is a great tool for finding places to cut out spending and to make smarter purchases.

PocketGuard works on iPhone, Apple Watch and Android.


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