About Us

C.E. Craig & Associates Inc, under the guidance of Colleen Craig, is a federally Licensed Insolvency Trustee (formerly trustee in bankruptcy), licensed by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Canada.

To go bankrupt in Canada (“declare bankruptcy”) or file a Consumer Proposal, requires the help of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.  (“LIT”)  or bankruptcy trustee.  As a owner and operator of the firm C.E. Craig & Associates Inc.,  Colleen Craig, who has advising clients in the Victoria BC area since 2000, and her committed staff have advised thousands of debtors on bankruptcy law as outlined under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada.  As a chartered accountant and LIT, Colleen has practical, personalized advice for debtors, creditors and business owners alike.

We encourage you to consider all of your options to find the best path to financial freedom. To help with this process, we offer a free initial confidential consultation where each individual circumstance is considered.    We find that a one-on-one personal consultation gives each debtor the personalized service they need to help them make the best choice and to start down the path for financial recovery.

We have Debt Solutions

When it comes to debt, solutions to your financial situations can seem complicated and confusing. For those wanting debt relief, our insolvency team will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed choice and help you become debt free.

If filing a Consumer Proposal or filing for personal bankruptcy is the right option for you, we can help.  As part of the process, C.E. Craig & Associates will help you through the steps to make it as easy as possible and provide you with the skills and resources to solve your debt puzzle. Before getting into more debt by getting a consolidation loan, find out the debt solutions that will reduce your debt rather than increasing it.

In Canada bankruptcy lawyers (those currently called to the Bar) cannot act as LIT  (formerly Trustee in Bankruptcy).  In addition to being a LIT, Colleen Craig of C.E. Craig & Associates Inc., is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP)

If you are asking yourself “How do I get out of debt?” or “What is a Consumer Proposal”, we can answer your questions and help you find the debt relief that you need so you can focus on the rest of your life.

See an LIT before you make the mistake of seeing  ‘DEBT CONSULTANT‘!