Bankruptcy Evaluation

We know that a bankruptcy is never entered into lightly, but at times it can be the best choice. However, it is not the only choice.  Our counsellors are available to help you with a bankruptcy evaluation or to assist in finding alternatives to bankruptcy.  As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, C.E Craig & Associates Inc. ‘s professional staff have provided bankruptcy and debt services to business and individuals for over 20 years.     As such, our experienced federally licensed counsellors will sit down with you to review your personal debt situation and outline your personal debt options.  We pride ourselves in providing personal service to all who are seeking a solution to their debt issues.

To begin, we offer a free consultation and review the Canadian insolvency system and various options.

What information is necessary for a Debt Evaluation?

Because each situation is unique, the first step is for us to gather as much personal information from each person with a free consultation.  Once we have a full and complete picture, individual debt plans can be developed.  Individual plans can range from a personal bankruptcy to a partial repayment plan to all creditors.  All debts including Canadian tax debt is potentially eligible to be eliminated with a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.  Before making a decision, our debt counsellors will provide you with the information to allow you to make a fully informed choice.

Fill out the information below and submit to C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. for your free debt evaluation.  .  A licensed professional will review your information and contact you within one business day to discuss your options. Your information is confidential and we do not use it for any other purpose other than to help you evaluate your options.

Or call us now at 250-386-8778 or 1-888-815-5050 and a counsellor may be able to speak with you immediately to start the discussion.

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    Where to Turn for Accurate Advice?

    There are many who will provide debt advice to consumers, so it is so important to seek out a reliable and accurate information.  If you are ever unsure where to turn for accurate information, best to rely on the Canadian Government recommendations.

    The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy provided detailed information to Canadians seeking debt advice.  Their site provides information about the Canadian insolvency system and how to find a local. Licensed Insolvency Trustee.  LIT’s are the only professionals licensed in Canada to offer bankruptcy or consumer proposal services.