Once I declare bankruptcy, how long does it take before my creditors stop calling?

July 9, 2013 11:51 pm Published by

I was just wondering how long it takes before the banks get the paperwork and are officially notified of our bankruptcy. We told them verbally but they keep phoning (different people every time). Is this normal bankruptcy process?

Yes, they have been notified and having straggling calls is quite normal. All bankruptcy documents are mailed to each creditor within 5 days of your assignment. However, we send the formal documents to the banks bankruptcy-processing centre so it can take time before the various collection agencies/departments are informed of your bankruptcy. Somewhere, in the banks processing departments, someone will flip a switch and you will no longer be called or receive paperwork. Until that time you may get both.

Do you pick up the phone? You don’t have to answer your phone, but if you want the calls to stop as quickly as possible, your best bet is to answer the phone, ask who is calling and ask for the proper spelling of their name and inform them that you are bankrupt, the name and address of your bankruptcy trustee and your personal estate number.

If they are particularly nasty, let them know that you are recording the call and that you are formerly requesting that they stop calling you. Generally this works.