Bankruptcy Application Forms

If you are considering Bankruptcy or you are thinking about applying for a bankruptcy proposal you can use these forms for filing. Download the forms for the type of Bankruptcy you are thinking about filing, and bring them in with you for your first consultation meeting. If you haven’t already setup an appointment, feel free to contact us by Phone: (250) 386-8778 Fax: (250) 386-6864 or email.

Personal Bankruptcy (fillable PDF)
Personal Consumer Proposal (fillable PDF)
Personal Bankruptcy & Personal Consumer Proposal (download and print off)

Bankruptcy is not always necessary when you have poor financial health and large debt loads. We have provided standard bankruptcy forms, but if you are not sure if you need to fill them out, we encourage you to set up an appointment. Talking to a LIT bankruptcy trustee, a debt restructuring expert, you will discover ways you can not only pay your debts off, but recover your financial freedom. Trustee Colleen Craig from Victoria BC, will look at all of your options and help you through these tough financial times! Contact us today and learn how you can avoid bankruptcy!